My personal recipe organizer


  • Which recipes are compatible with My CookBook ?

    You can find compatible websites here.

  • How to import recipe from the web ?

    You can search compatible recipes with integrated search engine and then use Import button of My CookBook.
    You can share a compatible recipe page from your phone web browser.
    You can copy/paste url of the recipe in My CookBook

  • My import doesn’t work, could you fix that ?

    Yes, send the URL that doesn’t work to the support

  • I got errors when I’m using the application or the website

    You can describe your problem to the support, we will try to publish a bug fix.

  • Why this famous recipe website is not supported ?

    If your favorite cooking website is not supported, you can submit a request or vote for already submitted requests here: Submit a new website

  • Can you translate the application into my language XXX ?

    Yes ! You can go to to help us to translate the application in other languages

  • How to import recipes from a file ?

    If you already have a digital cookbook, you can import it using that page :
    If you are using the Android application, you can also use our File Import / Export page

  • How could I backup my recipes ?

    You can export your recipes from the website with this URL:
    If you are using the Android application, you can also use our File Import / Export page

  • How to change the category of a recipe ?

    To modify the category of a recipe, open “My Cookbook”, then open the “Recipe List”. Tap and hold the recipe that you wish to change and you can select whether to “delete” or “modify” it. The “modify” button will allow you to edit the recipe including changing the category.
    Click the category.
    Select your categories for the recipe and then click OK.
    Save the change with the save button at the bottom of the page or in the menu of the page.

  • How to transfer my recipes from MyCookBook to MyCookBook Pro ?

    You will need to export your recipes from MyCookBook using the “Export on SD card” function.
    File format .xml or .mcb are the most complete formats for MyCookBook.
    Then use the import function of MyCookBook Pro to import back all your recipes.