My personal recipe organizer

COOKmate also includes these features :

  • Create shopping lists using your recipe ingredients
  • Scale the ingredients to serve more or less people
  • Customize various parts of the app such as theme, font size, categories.
  • Share your recipes on Facebook or by email, sms, and others.

If you create a free account on our online version COOKmate Online, you will enjoy these additional features (in the applications and the website):

  • Save 60 recipes and 1 shopping list in the cloud
  • Earn some bonus to increase the number of recipes and shopping lists you can save for free :
  • Synchronize your recipes and shopping lists between all your mobile applications and your online account
  • View and manage these recipes on any computer or any device
  • Invite your friends to join COOKmate Online and view their recipes
  • Plan your meals and generate a shopping list for the week

Create a Premium account on COOKmate Online and :

  • All your recipes and shopping lists will be saved in the cloud*
  • Ads will be removed

You can find more details here :

Some extra features are available in the Android application :

COOKmate is translated in many languages.




  (*) For security reasons, the Premium account is currently limited to 20000 recipes and 10000 shopping lists. If you need more, please contact us.