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Incident : Fire in our datacenter

At 00:47 on Wednesday, March 10, 2021, a fire broke out in a room in one of the OVH datacenters in Strasbourg, where our website is hosted :

Our server is still down. We don’t know yet the impacts on our servers and data.

We are waiting on OVH news and working on a recovery solution

We sincerely apologize for the interruption of our service and will let you know any news

Thanks for your understanding

Carine / Cookmate


Here are the lastest news. March 13, 2021

Unfortunately, the cookmate server and his data were destroyed by the fire and are non recoverable…

A backup of the server was done on tuesday 9 mars. But OVH is currently not able to say if it will be recoverable. We will have the information once the datacentres are back up and running. It can take two weeks…

But I was able to restore a backup of the database dated from March 1st. I have created a new server with these data and I plan to make it running on Monday. If you can’t wait, I can send you a link to my test server. You will be able to see your recipes online.

If you have created an account after the 1st March, you will have to register again…

If a more recent backup of the database is recoverable in the future by OVH, I will let you know and we will find a way to restore the missing data.

When everything is back in order, I will review my backup procedures of course so that this does not happen again.

Premium users will receive a free month

Again, I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience

Carine / Cookmate


Here are the lastest news. March 16, 2021

The website is up with the database from March 1st .

If some recipes are missing online but you still have them on your mobile app, you can edit them on your app (just tap on edit and save) and run again a synchronization. It will upload again the recipe on the server. I will update the Android app to fix this issue.

Here is what must be done :

  • Restore the Premium subscription of the users who have upgraded between 1 and 10 March : In process
  • Add one free month to all premium users
  • Restore the Alexa and Google Home features
  • Update the Android app to fix sync issues

Carine / Cookmate

Update March 23, 2021

  • All services (website, Alexa and Google Home feature) are up and running !
  • Premium subscriptions of the users who have upgraded between 1 and 10 March were restored or refunded (if the user account was lost…)
  • We have extended all Premium subscriptions by one month.
  • A new release of the Android app is available and fix sync issues

I have still no news about the backup of the server that was done on tuesday 9 mars.

Carine / Cookmate

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