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COOKmate Online : View and edit your recipes

This guide explains how to view, edit, and customize your recipes on Cookmate Online.

Editing Your Recipe:

To edit your recipe or add new fields, locate and click on the “Edit” button situated in the right sidebar.

Editing Existing Fields:

Simply click on the text you wish to modify, or select the pen icon if available.

Edit your text and save with the green button
Begin typing the name of your new category, then select it when it appears in the options.

Adding a picture :

Scroll right and click on the camera photo

Choose from the following options:

Editing Ingredients or Directions:

Click on the text you want to edit.

Each line of text becomes a separate field.

Using the “+” button to add new ingredients or steps is optional.

You can paste or write multiple lines into one field. COOKmate will split them when saving.

Button 1 : Copy all ingredients to your clipboard

Button 2: If you prefer to use a single text box, click on the “Single Text Box” button above the text

Formatting Options:

  • Buttons 1 & 2 : Reorder ingredients or steps.
  • Button 3 : Merge the focused lines with the previous one.
  • Buttons 4, 5, 6: Bold, italicize, or underline selected text.
  • Button 7: Apply color to the selected text
  • Button 8: Add a line break into the paragraph
  • Button 9: Clear formatting in the line

Saving Your Modifications:

Remember to save your modifications by clicking the green “Save” button located below your text.

If you decide to discard changes, you can do so by clicking the grey “Cancel” button.

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