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Add your own custom fields to your recipes

Enhance your recipes by adding new fields. You can enable existing optional fields or create your own custom fields using this page:

How to Add a New Field

  1. Tap the + button: This opens the field creation menu.
  2. Name your new field: Give your field a descriptive name.
  3. Select the type: Choose between a single line or multiple lines.
  4. Choose the position: Decide where you want the field to appear on your recipe card. Here are your options:
    • Summary: This shows the field before the cooking times.
    • Times: The field is displayed in the times section.
    • Summary Footer: This displays it after the recipe description and nutritional information.
    • Ingredients: This places it after the ingredient list.
    • Recipe: This positions it at the very end of the recipe page.

Managing Custom Fields

Easily edit or delete your custom fields using the dedicated buttons:

  • Button 1: Disable or enable the field in your recipes
  • Button 2: Edit the field’s name, type, or position.
  • Button 3: Delete your field entirely. Warning: This will permanently remove the field and all its values from all your recipes!


Here is an example of a recipe with new custom fields. The positions are marked in red:

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