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My CookBook becomes Cookmate

My CookBook celebrates its 10th anniversary and becomes Cookmate!

The Android application has been around for 10 years now. At the time, we called the application Mes Recettes in French, then My CookBook in English. The application allowed you to save all your recipes in one place, to create your own cookbook, on your phone.
There were no other apps with the same name.

Since then many other apps have appeared with the same name, or a similar name.

We have also created a website, an iOS app, and now we’re launching an Alexa skill.
We have added new features such as creating shopping lists, sharing recipes with friends, meal planner. And we have grown all over the world!

For our 10th anniversary, we have therefore decided to evolve further by changing our name, to distinguish ourselves from all the other cookbooks. And because we hope to become more than a cookbook in the future : your kitchen companion, your cookmate!

Soon, you will find our applications under this new name: Cookmate – My personal recipe organizer
and the site with this URL:

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