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Synchronize/backup your recipes with Dropbox (documentation for Android)

3.4 version introduces the Dropbox synchronization.

Dropbox is a file hosting service that allows to synchronize folders between several devices.

Linking MyCookBook to your Dropbox allows you to backup your recipes, to synchronize recipes between different devices, and to access your last 100 backup !

You only need to create a free Dropbox account to use the feature.




In the action bar, select dropbox in the dropdown list.



You access the dropbox website and you can login to an existing account.



Or you need to create a free account.



Grant My CookBook to access the MyCookBook folder of your Dropbox

Import recipes or shopping lists
Export recipes or shopping lists

Once My CookBook is linked to your Dropbox account you can see your files on your dropbox account.
The export button in the action bar will save all your recipes into your Dropbox.
If you select a file, the import button will allow your to import your file.


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