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Tutorial – Import your recipes on a new device (documentation for Android)

You are changing your phone and want to import your recipes on it ?
First you have to backup your recipes on your old phone, and then import them on your new device. The easiest way is to use your dropbox account. You can find on that page how to configure My CookBook to connext your dropbox account : Synchronize/backup your recipes with Dropbox.

Here are some screenshots to help you backup and restore your recipes :

On your old device





Open My CookBook and click on the “File Import / Export” button




Click on the dropdown list in the action bar and select “dropbox”


Click on the export button and select “Export recipes” if you want to backup your recipes. Click on “Export shopping lists” if you want to backup your shopping lists


Select the recipes you want to backup (or check all)

And click on the “Export to” button.


Choose the .mcb format (it will contain your images).

You can change the name of your backup file if you want.

And Click on “Export”


The file is uploading on your dropbox account

On your new device


Now you can open My CookBook on your new device and import your recipes

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